What is SmartyPig?

SmartyPig is an online piggybank for people saving for specific goals like a new mountain bike, a down payment on a home, a vacation, or starting a family. Our members have collectively saved nearly $5 billion dollars1 toward their financial goals. SmartyPig is a totally free, FDIC-insured savings account that makes saving easy and rewarding. 

SmartyPig’s high interest rate can help you save more for your money. You can direct your earnings into another financial goal and withdraw all or some of your money from your savings account with ease at any time.2

You can set multiple financial goals and open simple savings accounts for each goal. Save for long term financial goals like a home, children’s education or a dream vacation or set short term financial goals like your child’s birthday gift or planning a party.

With tiered interest rates, the more you save, the better rate you can earn!


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